Ins and Outs of Business Software Market

If you are tasked with implementing business software at your organization, you know a lot is riding on the software choices you make. Get the wrong software or system and your career could be at risk. Implement a buggy software and you could even face legal liability and worse.


Given that most business software installs are meant to last several years, the decision to implement is fraught with so many dangers it can be likened to a minefield. Of course all this can be solved by simply going online and searching for business software reviews right? Wrong. Some have reported that reviews are now even more confusing at best and at worst just plain wrong. What to do? Well as with most things “Internets” or online there are different actors with different motivations but when it comes to to software reviews and recommendations, I would like to talk to you about WhataSoftware.

Here’s the premise of WhataSoftware:

  1. Use powerful tools to uncover the enterprise software tools the most successful companies use to maintain their edge.
  2. Business software reviews using the wisdom of the crowds as a guidance.
  3. Rely on industry experts to help guide you with non ‘BS’ reviews.

These 3 factors, among many features, is makes WhataSoftware a breath of fresh air in an industry known for staid reporting and outdated information. Check out WAS and let us know what you think. I think you will agree that the non cluttered look coupled with all the above mentioned differentiators makes WAS a welcome addition to this important conversation.

So if you ever feel like this guy, you know where to go.
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