Recessions and Learning (Management Systems)

So how is your organization holding up doing this recession? Are you investing in your most potent weapon – your human capital, your employees?

Or are you joining the bandwagon and just cutting costs because its become fashionable? Don’t get me wrong, you should always strive for efficiency, you should always ask “how can we do this better?”, How can we get more effective with our resources?”. What I don’t seem to get is why all of a sudden everyone and their brother is claiming we need to let people go bla bla bla.

Anyways back to my original point. You should be investing more in your human capital. Now is the  time to get effective with training and learning. Now is the time to be looking at opportunities and positioning your organization for the recovery and upturn. Oh and its going to be tough to compete effectively if you lack the competent employees and resources.

So have you considered online training or web based training? Have you considered using learning management systems to help you create, launch and manage and track training and e-learning.

Costs for learning management systems (LMS) are going down, technology has vastly improved and flexibility has been enhanced so an organization regardless of size or sophistication can now leverage the power of online learning management systems to conduct and track training and e-learning.

Of course like anything else, you need to know what you are doing, who are you dealing with and several other questions of effectiveness and reliability. Check out this lms article on what to consider when selecting a learning management system.


Now is the time to get creative and leverage the potential of all your resources – human, capital, marketing, technological. Use some of the systems identified in this article to get started.

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